Online Bullying: A Growing Trend In The Online Writing Community
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Online Bullying: A Growing Trend In The Online Writing Community

Online bullying in the writing community is a growing menace and like a hydra-headed monster; it is continually rearing its ugly heads. Who is a bully and how can you identify them? What are their psychological make that makes them act the way they do? How do you handle them? This article will answer all these questions.

We all remember the big bully that so keeps us away from coming to school early or terrorizes the hell out of us. ItÂ’s sure hard to forget such a person and you will be the first to admit to hating his guts.

Just when you thought the bullying is all over and you settle down to enjoy the comfort that comes from the frivolities and depth of life, the big bully come into the picture all over again; only this time he is no longer some bigger school kid but a writer. This writer could be more experienced than you; or so he / she think or could be far more elderly or some professional.

In this article, I will showcase the characteristics of a bully; the psychological make-up of a bully and when a seeming criticism could turn in online bullying. Are you a bully? Have you ever bullied someone online? At the end of this article, you could love me or hate me but one thing I am sure of; you will know if you are a bully or not.

Who Is An Online Bully?

Whether they are called cyber bullies or online bullies, we are virtually talking about the same thing. However, we will narrow the topic to online writing in this context. An online bully is one who uses very strong, demeaning and derogatory, annoying and insulting words on friends or people online. They usually ascertain a status of superiority either in knowledge and skill and use this to suppress the feeble minded or other members of the online community.

In the online writing community, these bullies have also carved a niche for themselves. They sometimes parade themselves with fancy titles and castigate the works of fellow writers in a derogatory and demeaning manner. Their criticisms are both pompous and often destructive. They often assume an Almighty Altitude and they are people you love to hate.

Such writers, the bullies enjoy cajoling and bullying others. They seem to dislike mediocrity and will go off steam when they are annoyed by a write up; and often with a vengeance not minding if the writer is hurt or not. The funny side of it is that these bullies donÂ’t like been corrected and would pick offence if a fellow writer criticize their work; whether the criticism is constructive or destructive. The good thing is that such online bullies are usually good writers; and are quick to tell you so and with fancy degrees to go with it.

The Psychological Makeup Of An Online Bully

Instead of hating a bully; you should actually pity them. Picking up a fight in the online writing community with a bully is a sure waste of precious time and definitely not worth it. It is not my cup of tea. However, you should understand the psychological makeup of online bullies in the writing community to cope with them.

Space will fail me to analyze the psychology of the online bully due mainly to space. I might not be a psychologist, but I have read books on them and been with a couple to boldly say some facts about them; and the psychologists we have in this platform are welcome to add their thoughts.

The online bully tends to get a high from bullying others. ItÂ’s like the tonic that he / she needs to keep on going. Like the mythical succubus, they depend on the pain of others to be happy; though inwardly there is that vacuum that can never be filled; unless with real therapy and love. They usually lacked love while growing up; and were probably bullied or abused. Their childhood was probably not the most pleasant and they tend to take it out on others; especially if they couldnÂ’t do it physically way back in school. They now tend to carry it out using the power of the pen.

How To Handle The Online Bully In The Writing Community

It might be tempting to bandy words; in this case the written word with the bully but that would amount to demeaning yourself. They tend to enjoy it; and would most likely go on and on. The best thing to do is ignore their presence. Whether they criticize your written works or praise it demeaningly shouldnÂ’t offend your person; especially when you are sure you have done a good written piece. Always offer a polite thank you for their observations or simply point them to related resources. This tends to disarm them.

As long as you are a writer online, you are probably going to have one or more encounters with an online bully; especially in factoidz here. Do not be dismayed but just go on with giving out good information.

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Comments (18)

Hello! I could not have agreed with you more, I am trying to send you a message but the captcha code is not working...voted

Daniel, when I first started in the online community, my naivety caused me to make a mistake that was caught by such a bully who rather than helping a newbie, chose to have me ostracized by the management of the site we worked for. This person had management's ear and although I had a great following of fellow writers, I could never achieve a higher status because of the early error of my ways. I am proud that I no longer write for them, and have not been a victim of such bullying since. Voted up & buzzed this excellent article!!

I have had a stalker more than a bully, somebody who hates cats and likes to post about shooting them and killing them.

The older I get the less I tolerate bullies.The bullies of my grade school days have not changed their ways and just reached adulthood without learning to be a decent person. What ever happened to the golden rule. My mother taught me to not say anything unless I could say something nice. Within years I have learned the art of helping others, but in a kind and courteous way. That means without public notice. Yes, the message part of this site is not working, so I am not able to send a private message to someone to help them. I will just have to overlook the fact that NO ONE is perfect and the world is made up of diversity. We should, as humans , not as monkeys in your picture, be civil, kind and helpful to each other. What ever happened to love thy neighbor? If the writing sites become a war zone, the little contentment we all share will be gone and so will be the friendships we build by merrily commenting to encourage each other and having some fun. If the bully reads this, think about your actions and go to a closet.

Daniel, your article is such an important resource. Not many people are properly trained to help kids deal with bullying. I will help spread the word with a much deserved vote up, retweet, Google Buzz, Facebook like.

@Francina, yes you are right. The captcha has not been working for some time now even from my own end. Its really worrisome as I cant actually send messages to fellow writers. @Roberta, I agree with you that one should always say something right and nice about a fellow writers work; though there are always ground for disagreements and constructive criticisms. I do welcome criticisms as it makes me work better but bullying from a fellow writer could be really demoralizing; especially for new writers.

@Diane, you are most likely not the only one who have suffered in the hands of such bullies. Dont be surprised if we have some of them around here at factoidz. As annoying as they may be, they would eventually help in making you a better writer. @ Chris, thanks so much for supporting my works. Yes, you are right. Children are often targets especially high school. I have had my fair share but also came to realize that bullies do actually have a glass jaw. You would be surprised how easily they sprawl on the ground. LOL

@Brenda, a stalker that hates cats or animals appear dangerous to me. That some real psycho and I have only seen them in movies. I guess there should be a kind of law against animal abuse and such sites should be shut down.

Bullies have never really impressed me much no matter where I have encountered them--on the school playground, on the city streets, or on the internet. Confrontations, face to face or virtual, verbal or physical, have never scared me. I have aways found that if you stand up to a bully and fight back, they will, as a rule, seek out easier targets to pray upon. On the other hand if you let them intimidate you and they see that you are intimidated by them, if they see the fear in your eyes, they will never give you a moment's peace. My answer to having a child bullied is to teach him or her how to defend themselves. My oldest grandson had been a bully's target when he was 10 or 11 elevens years old. He came home regularly with black eyes or a bloody nose. My son went to the school authorities which didn't help much because a real bully does his bullying when only his peers are around to see. My solution was 100 percent effective. I started teaching my grandson the martial arts. After he beat a couple of those bullies to bloody pulps everyone left him alone.

Good for him Jerry.

A very relevant piece Daniel! I have had the odd issue writing online, but overall Factoidz writers tend to be friendly!

An excellent article about an important subject! Also, we raised 4 boys and I think Jerry is absolutely right. I just wanted to add that sometimes people disagree with what we've written, but they're not necessarily bullies. Sometimes there's room for reasonable people to disagree, and if someone expresses their opinion respecfully, that's ok. I had a person disagree with sometihng I had written; we emailed and talked it over and we each made a new friend.

I enjoyed reading it...saved it too

I like it when other writers offer constructive criticism, as has been the case at factoidz. It makes me go back and reassess my work for mistakes. I also agree with Kimberley. I think the factoidz community is the friendliest and most intelligent group of people I have come across.

Good article. Very important to remain vigilant and not empower bullies anywhere. And yes, it's so much nicer to be part of a friendly, supportive community!

By the way, voted and tweeted.

Very good article. Bullies can be very subtle as well. I was a member of another writing community a while back and the forums were just full of foul mouthed and mean bullies who were like a bunch of Piranha. Whenever I tried to ask a question - just a simple question - I would get the most vile and uncalled for remarks. I never really understood where that came from but I don't write there any more and someone told me that the forum there was actually shut down.

I try not to let people bother me.  Its usually people who are insecure that need to ridicule others.