What Not to Do At the Company Christmas Party
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What Not to Do At the Company Christmas Party

What not to do at the company Christmas party. How to behave at the company Christmas party.

Once a year most people's companies will have some sort of a party for their employees. While it is nice to wine and dine on the company dime one needs to be be a bit careful about how they behave at the company Christmas party.  If you let yourself go too much this will leave a bad impression on your bosses and co-workers.  Common sense should actually dictate what would be wise not to do at a Christmas party, but unfortunately when alcohol is involved common sense seems to go right out the window. And much to the delight of other employees there is always someone who puts on some kind of inappropriate show.

The number one piece of advice I would give anyone is to not drink past the point where you feel you are losing control of yourself. Optimally you should limit your alcohol consumption to one or two drinks. Personally I only have few sips of champaign. But generally the rule of thumb would be once the alcohol is beginning to give you that warm fuzzy feeling it is time to stop. Once you go beyond that point you no are no longer in control of your common sense.

There are also other mistakes that even a sober person can make. For instance:

Don't hit on someone else's spouse.

Don't steal your boss's thunder, in other words don't interrupt when he or she is telling a story, because you think your's is better. Even in a social setting they are still your boss, and if you do something that annoys them or that they don't like they will remember that, and it will reflect on how they feel about you as a person and an employee.

Don't interrupt or make rude comments, or crack jokes when the boss is giving a toast, and don't feel that you need to add in. This is the bosses moment to shine and give thanks to their employees.

Ladies don't dress inappropriately. It is OK to dress up and look a little sexy but don't think that this is an opportunity to let your girls hang out of the top of your dress, or having a skirt that shows more than would be deemed appropriate. You wouldn't show off those parts at the office so why would you show them to the same people at the Christmas party, besides you don't want to get a bad reputation. You can dress sexy by wearing something that is figure flattering, that suites your body. That is far sexier than someone who has everything on display. You don't want the other females looking at you disapprovingly because they definitely will talk.

Don't show up more than 15 to 20 minutes late. Many of us feel the need to be fashionably late, and that is fine. I know for a fact that I never like to be the first person to arrive at a party it is a bit uncomfortable, so arriving a few minutes late is not all that bad, but you should try not to be any later than 15 minutes, while 20 minutes is still fairly acceptable anything after that will definitely be noticed. It is disrespectful to your employer who is throwing the party, as well as to other guests attending the party. being more than fashionably late says, "I really don't want to socialize with you people any longer than I have to."

Don't talk to much shop. It is OK to talk about a few funny things that happened at the office over the past year, but it is not a time to talk about the business. This is a social gathering, not a business meeting. No one wants to think about work at a party.

Don't talk about someone in the bathroom without looking to see if there is someone in there first. It could be the person you are talking about or their best friends. You really shouldn't talk about anyone at all in a negative way at the Christmas party, or ever for that matter, but things tend to come out loud and clear and the slightly more quiet bathroom.

Don't insult the food or the location or any other aspect of the party. Someone went to a lot of trouble to plan this party. If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.

Don't invade people's personal space. Remember to maintain a reasonable yet friendly distance when talking to people, about an arms length. If you lean in to people to much you can make them uncomfortable, also refrain from constantly touching other people too much when you are talking to them. This makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

Don't forget to thank your employer for the party.

Just remember that your behavior at the Christmas party is a reflection of you as a person. You should be a bit looser than you are at work but you should still behave in a manner that compliments the person you are in the office, and not a completely different person. Showing yourself as a well composed yet fun person at the Christmas party will reflect well on you long afterward. Or at least you won't be water cooler conversation for the next month.

Don't be the first or the last to leave. Leaving early is like telling your employer that this party is nothing more than an inconvenience to you and there are other things you would rather be doing. Being the last person to leave tells them you have no life. Find a nice balance. When the majority of the people begin to leave that is the right time to make your exit as well.

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Great advice Rae, thanks Ron.

Great tips, thanks :)